I am an Artist and Senior Engineer in Research and Machine Intelligence at Google AI. I started my journey in technology with Forrest Mims circuitry notebooks that I asked my Grandfather, Artist and Minister, Larry C. Johnson to buy during our trips to RadioShack from as young as I can remember. At around 14 years old I taught myself to code with the Linux Mandrake Operating System, IRC and Sam’s Tech Yourself C in 24 Hours. It became a passion for me. I spent virtually all of my time on chat servers like EFnet and DALnet talking in channels like #C and #hackers. In parallel, I had a constantly evolving interest in creating music and how it connected me with the kids in my neighborhood of Brockton, Massachusetts. Later in life I learned about my Great Grandfather Lennie Johnson who taught during the 1970’s at the Berklee School of Music, and where a scholarship is now established in his name.


    I was raised by young and loving parents, Tory and Nicole, both Black Messianic Jews with dreamer personalities who instilled in me the belief that all things are possible with G-d. From my teenage years and into adulthood I would hide my deep passion for technology in an effort to fit in. I received my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts in 2010. I began my industry experience at Teradyne Defense & Aerospace in Boston working on embedded systems, firmware and driver design. Specifically, with Xilinx Spartan Series FPGAs. The six incredible years I spent there under Yönet Eracar, Lloyd Frick, Teresa Lopes and Michael McGoldrick were the foundation of my technical career. In Los Angeles I created and released a recording titled SHINE under the guidance and mentorship of Timbaland. In 2016 I relocated to Cupertino to join Apple first as a Senior Software Engineer, and then as a Technical Lead and Software Architect working on First-Party iOS Apps Analytics. I worked through multiple releases of iOS leading up to the company’s historic trillion dollar valuation.


          In 2017 I created an idea called Multidream Theory inspired by multi-threading which allows operating systems to quickly context switch and execute multiple programs concurrently. I used this abstraction as a metaphor for context switching between the different dreams in my life. Reluctant to publicly share my story, it took convincing from my sister Brooke who said that overcoming my own insecurities could be an important and inspiring message for others. I joined Google AI in 2018 to work on Natural Language Understanding under Senior Staff Engineer Greg Billock, and in parallel began co-producing my new album “UN1C0RN”. Growing up as a black kid in the inner city I found it difficult to find a language to express myself which could merge my love of science and technology with my emotions, and most authentic self. "UN1C0RN" aims to express some of the building blocks of that language through art. My passions include engineering for social good and creating experiences that enable people to live more fulfilling lives.



“Google A.I. Engineer/Rapper Wants Kids To Know It’s Cool To Be A Genius.” — Forbes


”The Genius of Rapper and Coder Brandon Tory [...] Tory proves that limits and limitations only exist in your mind.” — CNN / Great Big Story


”When Silicon Valley Vet Put Out Call To Help With COVID-19, Thousands Assembled For Global Hackathon [...] Brandon Tory, an engineer with Google’s artificial intelligence unit, teamed up with four other software engineers to develop an online game to encourage social distancing.” — Forbes


”How this Google engineer and rap artist lives his two dreams.” — Yahoo Money


”As a kid, Tory dreamed of being a hacker and taught himself to code [...] To Tory, “multidream” represents someone executing two dreams at one time and without compromise.” — CNBC


”For years, Brandon Tory led a secret double life [...] The software engineer, who worked for Apple Inc. and is now at Google, juggled two identities: self-described computer nerd as well as a rapper.” 

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First Party iOS Apps Analytics

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