FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m a level 5 senior engineer at Google. And formerly, at Apple.

I created an idea called Multidream Theory. It was about my experience in Hollywood as an up and coming artist under the wing of Timbaland. But what I didn’t tell my fans, friends or family, was that during the entire journey I’ve been living a double life as a top engineer in Silicon Valley. 

Since I was a kid I've struggled with self identity. I've struggled with expectations for myself. The engineer in me wants to focus on science, while the musician in me wants to focus on my culture and my art. The human in me, just wants to be accepted. The cost of maintaining an image, in order to protect my own insecurities about being a computer nerd — resulted in moments of intense joy, decorated with moments of intense self-doubt.

For anyone who’s suffering from uncertainty in their lives, I can say one thing to you, there’s beauty in it.


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